Water that thinks it's a Gas

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SPB110V QuadSPB110V - Class 'B' Quad 110 l/min, variable duty pump set

The Scotch MistTM fire suppression system is potentially the most innovative and flexible of today's fire fighting systems. 

Environmental issues concerning the use of gas as an extinguishing agent have re-focussed fire technology onto water, the oldest combatant known to man. It has been known for many years that, when delivered as a fine mist, water can rapidly suppress the seat of a fire and this principle has now been refined to provide a proven and effective alternative to gaseous suppression agents.

The FEUture of watermist, a self-contained modular unitThe FEUture of watermist, a self-contained modular unitThe Scotch MistTM system takes this technology a step further to provide today’s most effective solution for fire control, suppression and extinguishment that combines radiant temperature control with exposure protection. Scotch MistTM is non-toxic and produces no toxic products during the fire fighting process. The oxygen reduction properties of the system occur locally around the fire and therefore present little or no hazard to personnel. The ability of Scotch MistTM to rapidly reduce temperatures and wash out post-combustion smoke and gases, together with low water usage, make it an ideal solution for many occupied areas.

Our latest productline, the FEUture, is designed to take water mist to new levels of achievement and success (see Equipment).  With sleek lines, modular construction and maximum flexibility, this is the FEUture of water mist. 


 Scotch Mist®

Water that thinks it's a Gas!


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