Water that thinks it's a Gas

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What is it?

At the heart of the Scotch Mist  system is the fully patented BLASTER fire fighting nozzle, an innovative design that was awarded the prestigious J. Logie Baird award for the best invention of 1998. The precision engineering of this fire-fighting nozzle allows for rapid production of inert water vapour that is transported into the heart of the target fire by means of a carefully designed series of small and medium sized globule jets. 

The unique quality of the Scotch MistTM system, the BLASTER (Boundary Layer and Surface Tension Energy Release) effect, causes the vapourising water from the nozzle to expand 1800 times!  At an expansion rate of only 1600, rarefaction of the air occurs leading to a reduced oxygen content around the fire and hence, the atmosphere is inerted. The Scotch MistTM system, therefore, inherently produces the rate of water expansion or vapourisation required for inerting without the need for direct contact with the fire. 

Scotch MistTM can be effective on both class ‘A’ (solid fuel) and Class ‘B’ (liquid) fires.

Due to the variety of droplet sizes produced by the turbine driven distribution head and the fexibility of the water delivery system, Scotch MistTM copes effectively with fires fuelled by either source. The spray flux density and spray velocity combine to produce maximum momentum for the cooling and suppression of fire, thus all three variables are involved in the extinguishing process. 

The Scotch MistTM fire suppression system may be controlled and energised by automatic detection systems or manual devices that comply with the latest standards.  Alternatively, automatic systems utilising frangible bulbs may be used.  The Scotch MistTM fire suppression system is therefore suitable for a variety of performance objectives and, whether incorporated into a new build or as part of a refurbishment programme,  Scotch MistTM is potentially the most effective fire protection system available today.