Water that thinks it's a Gas

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This is the FEUture

Scotchmist has announced the launch of a new modular, watermist product line designed to provide instant and easy water mist protection for many small to medium size risks.

The FEUture of watermistThe FEUture offers a self-contained, slimline construction, modular unit enabling it to fit into almost any environment. It has unparalleled flexibility, being able to provide fire protection systems for local or space protection.

The FEUture is designed to provide discharge periods in line with current standards for object protection, although extended discharges for life safety suppression or control can be accommodated.

FEUture Sectional ViewsIf coverage exceeds the capacity of a single unit, multiple FEUture units may be utilised to provide coverage for areas defined as LH or OH in BS EN 12845, opening up the field of application for this innovative product.

Users need no longer suffer disruptive installations, with equipment housed in remote plant rooms. The FEUture will fit into almost any décor and sit unobtrusively within the actual protected area. Only the pipework for the water supply necessary for extended discharge applications need be brought into the area, reducing unsightly pipework to a minimum.

Offering droplet sizes with a Dv0.9 of less than 150 microns, the FEUture offers ultimate flexibility and discrimination for all fire risks.

Application: Fire Class ‘A’  
Area protected: 9 to 99 2m  
Discharge period:

Standalone (no mains connection): 10 minutes minimum.

Mains connnected: 10 minutes to unlimited, subject to infill rate.

Operation:     The unit requires a starting signal. The pump will then continue to run until the run signal is removed or the pump switched off. Dry running protection is provided within the tank and wired back to the pump control panel. The pump control panel is mounted adjacent to the tank in a convenient location.  
Options: Pressure gauge and/or Pressure switch. Self-monitoring with auto-start.  
Regulations:          Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 Compliant.  
Standard Version 
Premier Version
Tank: One-piece insulated GRP   316 Stainless Steel
Fittings: Nickel Brass  316 Stainless Steel
Nozzles:   Brass 316 Stainless Steel