Water that thinks it's a Gas

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How does it work?

How it works

The characteristics of the Scotch MistTM Turbo-Tech nozzle are such that minute globules of water are produced by a spinning turbine and then carried downward by the shattered residue of the vapourising jets. The resulting spray forms a conical, expanding and downwardly progressing curtain which rapidly floods the whole combustible area with a mixture of water vapour and minute, inert globules.

These have a far greater heat sink potential than has been previously available and, because of the huge surface area per unit of weight, snuff out fires with the minimum of water damage.

Should the Scotch MistTM system encounter a serious conflagration, the nozzle outputs work as a unit and the steam is instantly cooled and condensed by the spray and water vapour. This is still hotter and less dense than the surrounding air, so it tries to rise but the descending cold spray obstructs it. This interaction causes a continuing circulation and delivers fresh spray and vapour until the flames are quenched.