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A6 - Height limits for Scotchmist nozzles

The IMO 913 testing procedure states that “The test enclosure should be at least 100 m in area. The height of the test enclosure should be at least 5 m”, so Scotchmist nozzles were tested at this height.

Several cold discharge tests were carried out in order to ensure that the system was operating correctly and the images left and right demonstrate the effectiveness of Scotchmist nozzles at 5.5m height.


1MW Test Fire6MW Test FireThe fires on which Scotchmist was tested during this procedure were 1MW and 6MW (both fully extinguished by Scotchmist during testing) and the images above show those fires.

The conditions of the test enclosure were arduous, with the doors left open and fully ventilated circumstances prevailing.

So, 5m (or 16 feet) is not a problem, although if the anticipated fires are likely to be large, the spacing of the nozzles should be minimised to ensure compliance with the IMO test procedure and that sufficient water is provided to the seat of the fire.