Water that thinks it's a Gas

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Two types of Scotch Mist® pumped system are available;

  • Deluge (fixed duty) systems, where open nozzles are connected to a water delivery system capable of supplying all nozzles simultaneously upon initiation, either by automatic detection or manually.
  • Automatic Wet or Dry Pipe (variable duty) systems, where automatic nozzles are fitted to a pressurised pipe network that delivers water to any activated nozzles when the system is initiated by a drop in the monitoring pressure.

Scotch Mist® variable duty pumps are suitable for fluctuating loads where the operating pressure and water flow from the discharging nozzles may vary. They can therefore be used for monitored, wet or dry pipe systems where the load may vary from one to however many nozzles have been designed as the maximum to operate under a fire condition. They can also be used for shared systems, even though every system may not have the same quantity of nozzles operating at the same pressure and flow.