Water that thinks it's a Gas

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Testing & Approvals

Our philosophy at Scotchmist Systems Ltd is to carryout any important testing that demonstrates the efficacy of water mist and our product in particular.  To this end, we have taken advantage of a number of test protocols that we feel best demonstrate how to use water mist in the best possible way.

Our testing programme started many years ago with LPS 1230, a protocol designed to test the emerging gaseous alternatives during the Halon phase-out period and although this protocol has been withdrawn, mainly due to the difficulty it presented to gaseous agents, it still enables us to demonstrate that in every instance where gases are unable to provide satisfactory protectionScotch MistTM, water mist excels.

We have taken part in a number of other testing procedures, culminating in a series of tests that resulted in our Lloyds Register certification, which we remain proud of to this day.

All of our tests can be viewed by selecting the protocol below.  On each page, hovering with your mouse over an image will enlarge it and clicking on the image will show it at full size.

Test Protocols